• Our top seller, the Copper Metallic is a striking deep burnt sienna colour.  
  • Whisk

  • Bedford

    One of our hidden gems, this is a mid-range neutral grey with a strong yellow tone. Goes well with the colour Limestone, Ash and Fort York Red.
  • Just as the name indicates this is a warm soft creamy yellow. Goes nicely with greens, greys, reds and black.
  • Cathedral Taupe

    Offering the slightest hint of a soft pink undertone, this neutral taupe goes with virtually anything!
  • Champlain

    Hands down our most popular neutral warm white has depth. From small to large projects, it too goes well with everything!
  • Chocolate

    This beautiful deep rich brown is perfect for undercoating when you want to achieve a distressed look.
  • Cranberry

    A natural luscious burgundy red reminiscent of cranberries. A true statement colour.
  • Damask

    Damask is a bold yet muted mauve that goes well with earthy neutrals like Algonquin and Cathedral Taupe, and perfect with neutral whites such as Champlain or Raw Silk.  It also pairs well with our greys like Sterling or Little Lamb and even muted blues like Heirloom.
  • Is it blue or is it green? It’s both! This pale blue with the slightest hint of greyish-green is serene yet bold at the same time. It is a “must have” colour with a French Country feel.

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