So fun! 12pk of Mini bath bombs (about the size of a ping pong ball) in a variety of scents and colours. Fun for the kids and the grown up kids. Mix and match your scents to make a new favourite…. blue raspberry with bahama berry, cotton candy with monkey farts … the sky is the limit. Great bribery to get those kiddos that hate bath time actually in the tub without a fight!

Every single bath bomb hand made and hand pressed by me with ingredients that are good for those with sensitive skin. My bath bombs do not stain skin or tubs and they do not leave a greasy ring.

PLEASE NOTE: As I have thoroughly tested my products to ensure they do not stain tubs, if you have an older tub or a tub with scratches or worn areas, there is a possibility that colour could settle into these areas. It is never permanent, however it may require cleaning. As with any coloured bath product, please use your best judgement before using a bath bomb.